How to Share Your Location with Skype

skype location

You can share your location only on mobile devices with location turned on. This is new feature for Skype, but it’s very funny! If you want to get your friends to envy just share your current location, if you are in some interesting place.

Here is the steps you can quickly sharing your location:

Firs you must have the latest version of Skype for mobile (iOS, Android and Windows phone versions support location sharing). And if you haven’t yet updated, do it when you have proper internet connection (if you planning a trip somewhere in the wild)

Second, of course you must turn on location service on your mobile device

The in the chat window, or group chat hit the location icon. Skype will start locating you, and once the process is done, you can zoom the map and share.

You can also make a marker with location for future meeting and share to your friends. And if you receive location and you need directions to the place of meeting, you simply just tap the message and send it to the yours navigation app.