Skype Credit and Skype Number

Skype Credit and Skype Number

With Skype credit you can make calls to mobiles and landlines. With Skype Number you can receive calls from mobile phones and landlines.

Skype Credit

With a Skype Credit you can unlock Skype features that aren’t free and you can pay for different Skype products:

Call mobile phones worldwide at very low prices
Send messages to mobiles just for few cents
Access Wi-Fi hotspots all around the world
Call Forwarding of your choise

You can buy Skype Credit Online, directly from Skype or you can buy Skype Vouchers from offline shops.

Skype Number

With a Skype Number anyone can call you from mobile phones or landlines to your Skype. It’s perfect if you have buddies, family or business partners and coworkers who haven’t got Skype. With Skype Number you can:

Choose number from any region, so you will reduce international rates for your frends or clients
Be anywhere and keep receiving calls on Skype
Answer calls on your dekstop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone