Powerful open solenoid valve and three-way solenoid valve

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A powerful open-type solenoid valve is often used in vegetable preservation stores, and it is also indirectly opened. Its characteristic is that the auxiliary valve stem driven by the core iron and the piston main valve 5 are linked together. After the electromagnetic coil is energized, the core iron is sucked up and the auxiliary valve stem is pulled. After the auxiliary valve hole is opened, the main valve can be lifted up by electromagnetic force. Therefore, the main valve can be opened even when the differential pressure between the two ends of the valve is small. This type of solenoid valve is suitable for installation in suction pipes with a very low pressure drop.
Three-way solenoid valve In addition to the same structure as the common solenoid valve, the top of the core iron also has a valve plate to control the opening and closing of the top nozzle. Between the top and bottom left and right pipelines is communicated via the gap between the core and the sleeve. According to the energization or de-energization of the electromagnetic coil, different connection methods of the three pipelines can be achieved.
When the solenoid valve is not energized, the core iron falls on the bottom, the needle shank in the lower part of the core iron closes, and the upper valve opens, so that the pipeline is cut off and the pipeline is in communication. At the time, the core iron is sucked upwards, the valve at the upper part of the core iron is closed, and the lower needle valve is opened, so that the pipeline is shut off and the pipeline and the communication are connected. Since the core can only have two positions, it cannot be connected at the same time.
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