Selection, installation and inspection of solenoid valves in cold storage

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When selecting, the size of the electromagnetic valve with the same size as the pipeline should be configured according to the size of the cold storage refrigeration equipment pipeline. The material of the valve body of the solenoid valve should be compatible with the center medium of the pipeline; the working voltage should be consistent with the power supply voltage.
Different types of electromagnetic fields should be used for different workplaces. Solenoid valves, such as coolant lines, cannot be used in the water line because the water will foul and solid impurities are unavoidable, easily clogging the small balancing holes in the diaphragm. The electromagnetic valve used on the oil return pipe of the oil separator must have anti-vibration measures to prevent the fluctuation of the discharge pressure of the compressor from affecting the opening and closing of the auxiliary valve. Solenoid valves for suction pipes, because of their easy condensation, must use moisture-proof coils or closed solenoid valves. If the ambient temperature is higher than 40°C, use heat-proof coils.
The working current, voltage, frequency, and power of each electromagnetic coil have a certain range of regulations and cannot be used indiscriminately to avoid burnout. When the voltage drops, the coil suction also drops. When the AC frequency is low, the suction increases, but the coil heats up and burns out easily. When assembling the solenoid valve, the coil part should be correctly assembled according to the instruction drawing to avoid increasing the magnetic resistance. Because of the increase of magnetic resistance, not only the electromagnetic attraction force will be reduced, but also the direction of the suction force will be incorrect, and the action of the valve will be affected.
The solenoid valve must be coiled up and installed vertically in the pipeline. Otherwise, the solenoid valve will fail due to the failure of the core. The flow direction of the medium in the solenoid valve flows from the top to the bottom of the spool, so it must be installed according to the direction of the arrow indicated on the valve body. The direction of the arrow is the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline.
In order to check if the solenoid valve is working properly, a light bulb may be connected in parallel on the power line of the solenoid valve to indicate its switching condition. A manual switch can also be connected in series on the solenoid valve power supply line. When the manual switch is used to switch on and off the circuit, if the sound of the valve core in the solenoid valve can be heard, then the operation of the solenoid valve is normal. The abnormal operation of the solenoid valve mainly occurs in the following three aspects: coil burnout, valve core jamming, and core remanence. The above methods can be used to check and determine. If the remanence of the core iron does not fall automatically after the power is turned off, the core iron can be taken out and heated or beaten to eliminate it.
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