What are the differences and differences between electric valves and solenoid valves?

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Electromagnetic valve uses electromagnetic principle, the electromagnetic force generated by the electromagnetic loop to guide the movement of the valve core, the control mode is DO digital signal control, the solenoid valve structure is simple, the principle is simple, the price is low, and only the control of the valve switching action , suitable for use in smaller diameter pipes.
The drive mechanism of the electric valve is a reversible electric motor. The valve control valve is actuated by the rotation of the motor for a certain period of time. The AI ​​analog signal control is used to regulate the flow of the pipeline medium. In a specific pipeline environment, it can also be changed to digital. Signal control.
The solenoid valve is normally installed in a small-diameter pipeline and is suitable for small-diameter pipelines that require quick and frequent valve opening and closing. The design of the small amount of circulation, the pressure of the valve is also low. Solenoid valve solenoid valve using the suction force to open and close the valve, simple and effective, while the solenoid valve coil will be subject to voltage changes, more easily damaged, working for a short time. The solenoid valve is similar to a gate valve. It has only two functions of opening and closing the valve, and cannot adjust the flow of the pipeline medium.
Electric valves can be used in larger diameter pipes, and larger ones are applicable. Electric valve applies bidirectional motor as the driving part of the valve. The opening and closing of the valve is driven by the rotation of the motor. The degree of opening and closing can be adjusted, and the valve can be operated half open and half closed to control the flow of the medium.
The difference between the applicable range of electric valve and solenoid valve:
Solenoid valve has excellent anti-leakage performance, rapid opening and closing, low power, suitable for some corrosion, toxicity and other chemical substances in the pipeline as a cut-off use.
Most electric valves are used for regulating the flow of pipes. They are normally installed at the air outlet of air supply and cooling pipes. They can also be used in liquid pipes. They are widely used in canned pipes for drinking beverage production and sewage treatment pipes.
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