Electromagnetic pilot head makes great contributions to micro-industry safety

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1. The coil of the solenoid valve should be upward and maintain a vertical position during installation. The arrow or mark on the solenoid valve should be consistent with the flow direction of the pipeline, and it should not be installed in a place where there is water splashing or water leakage.
2. The working medium should be clean and free of particulate impurities. The dirt and filters on the inner parts of the solenoid valve should be cleaned regularly.
3. When the solenoid valve fails, in order to isolate the solenoid valve in time and ensure the normal operation of the system, it is best to install a bypass device
4. In the pipeline system, the diameter of the solenoid valve installed on the branch line should be smaller than the diameter of the main pipeline valve.
5. Before installing the solenoid valve, the pipeline must be cleaned. It is recommended to install a filter in front of the valve, and install a steam trap in the steam pipeline.
6. The valve can not be installed in the low recess of the pipeline, so as to prevent the steam condensate, impurities and other deposits in the valve to hinder the action.
7. Cannot be used in explosion hazards.
8. When the rigidity of the pipeline is insufficient, it is recommended to fix the pipeline in front of the valve with a bracket to avoid vibration when the solenoid valve is working.
9. Before installation, pay attention to the product label, carefully read the instruction manual, and judge whether the product meets the conditions of use.
10. Pressure gauges need to be installed on the pipelines before and after the explosion-proof solenoid valve to observe the pipeline pressure.
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